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November 12, 2008

Dear Friends:

Yesterday, we observed Remembrance Day with a minute of silence and stillness in the kitchen. I delivered a prayer at dinner with our guests as solemn as I’ve ever seen them. Featured yesterday on CHCH was our dear volunteer, Albert Graham and his wife, Linda, who were in Afghanistan for the Remembrance Day ceremony honouring the death two years ago of their son, Pvt. Mark Anthony Graham, age 33.

While we remember the valiant soldiers who died and the innocent casualties of hatred and terror, WE are  remembered by the Maccabees Branch (Jewish veterans) through their Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund. Each year they donate very generously to our program. They know what a warm bed and a hot meal means.  They know that their fight for freedom and justice transcends war beyond the normal limits or boundaries.

You too, are more than just volunteers and fighters for a good cause.  Our new volunteers are off to an amazing start! Thank you for joining our crew.  If you know of anyone who would like to help as a security companion for a 10pm to midnight shift once a month, please have them contact me.
Guests were so thankful to have shepherd’s pie yesterday, even though Monday fed them the same main course!  (We tried to call it meat and potato casserole, wink, wink, but they caught on!)
Two of the homeless guests that we had last year returned just for dinner.  Jack looks so amazing; better than we’ve ever seen him! Happier, healthier. He has his own room in the Parkdale/Queenston area; it has cable and a little fridge and a bathroom.  Carol also came for dinner smiling from ear to ear with her new teeth. I remember how difficult it was for her to eat before. She’s got her own place and she has been clean for 8 months.

Sadly, Leo was back. My heart fell when I saw him because he was doing so well last year, working hard and proud.

All and all, it was an emotional day for many, but  necessary and fitting.

See you next week,


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