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January 6, 2014

Hello OOTC’ers

After holidays and New Years celebrations, it is wonderful to get back into our comfortable routine.  If only the temperatures were comfortable too!  Please take care tomorrow as you make your way to OOTC and back home again.

We hope to open the doors to our guests earlier than 4 pm with coffee and tea ready. It would be healthier to warm them up with soup so if we have a few people from the soup shift that are able to come earlier, please do so. If there are too many volunteers, that would be A-OK!  You can warm them up further with a chat and a smile.

Now that you have some experience, you must agree that welcoming is more than just the way we greet people, it is a way of life.  “Welcoming is the attitude with which we respond to people, ideas and the world around us. It’s not just about opening our doors but also opening our hearts and our minds to that which is new and sometimes even frightening. Only when we overcome our fears and choose to trust can we be welcoming in the truest sense of the word.” Craig Taubman, Jewels of Elul

The possibilities of shared knowledge, shared experience, and shared loyalty are right at our doorstep each Tuesday.

See you then.


JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR TOMORROW AT 9 AM!!  Need an extra person to assist Tony with setting up tables and chairs.  Call or e-mail me asap please. 905 648-8030

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