Sunday, 15 January 2017

January 15, 2017

Shavuah Tov, literally in Hebrew, "Good Week" or "Have a good week!"

So first, let's recognize that starting this week in the Torah, we begin to read from the Book of Exodus. Nice foreshadowing, God!  

We're on the move starting this Tuesday. The extent of the damage resulting from the flooding at St Mary's was not minimal. We can only hope that their space is quickly restored and their wonderful, active and hospitable community can once again gather in their glorious space.

In the meantime, Christ Church Cathedral has generously offered us temporary space. CCC has been an OOTC host church on Saturday nights for a number of years. When approached for help, The Very Rev. Peter Wall did not hesitate to do a kindness for us, for our guests, and for God. Chesed v'emet. Love/Kindness and Truth. It's quite a turn for us, a group that does good, to be treated with such faithful kindness. We are so very grateful.

Their address is 252 James Street North, just north of the Armouries. If driving, please park in the back lot accessible from Hughson St., or find street parking. From the lot, walk along the pathway between the playground and main church building. Straight ahead there's a lovely old door. Press the white buttoned doorbell for entry. Once inside, keep turning right until you are met by security and/or find the parish hall :) Particularly at night, please pay attention to your surroundings at all times, buddy up, if possible and leave personal belongings at home. 

In order to accommodate the families leaving from the on-site daycare and the arrival of our guests, we will open for our guests at 5 pm. There will not be a soup course - at least not for now, just straight into a delicious main course. The parish hall is much smaller than that of St. Mary's with a seating capacity of 80, therefore, patiently waiting guests will be seated (once they tip the maitre d', or) after first-comers have eaten and left. If your shift usually starts just before 4 pm, please arrive instead at 4:15 for an orientation.  Some of us shadowed CCC's OOTC cooks/setting up/serving/clean up teams today. We're now equipped with their experience and, with our usual humour and countless personal opinions of the Jewish kind, we'll do just fine!!!

See you on Tuesday.



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