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December 12, 2007

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Sorry to keep you waiting for your weekly update.  Dinner was a resounding success!  It was devoured, but due to late arrivals, even the late night security meals were eaten, plus some bagged lunches too.  They were arriving as late as 7:00 pm; guess we'll have to turn off the flashing neon "DINER" light or be better prepared!

There were so many highlights and "lowlights" last night.  Many new diners who need a course in patience and thankfulness, but when confronted, one man told me, Ma'am, that he just got out of jail last week and it takes a while....  

One thing that I've really noticed lately is an increase in dinner guests who request plastic as opposed to stainless steel cutlery.  Plastic is more comfortable on sore gums and ailing teeth. But the true highlight occurred when we asked Joe to play the piano.  His face shone with pure happiness as he played song after song.  Many of you know, that Joe is hearing and visually impaired but anyone would pay good money to hear him play in concert. Without Joe knowing, we carried in a birthday cake, candles ablaze, announced it was Joe's 50th birthday last week, and he was, to say the least, surprised that we knew.  He asked if he could play the piano as everyone sang. After the song, we asked him to make a wish and blow out all of the candles.  He thought about one, and then remarked, "I wish that everyone's wishes will come true!"  Everyone should feel wonderful knowing that we're helping Joe refurbish his apartment and gain a greater respect for himself. He doesn't know to what extent we're helping and that's just how it should be.

"No community can flourish with too much navel-gazing and selfishness.  We need to give our very best for others' good and we need individual role models for us all..........we need to control our instincts to be lazy, dismissive, defeatist and disengaged when it comes to communal change and involvement.... for such involvement and success will create immense personal satisfaction and fulfillment."  Gil Troy, CJN, Sept 20/07

Final one liners from last night.  (You know I'm not making them up, but they should be the basis for a new "Chicken Soup for the Food & Shelter Soul.") A guest and I were saying good night after dinner.  He remarked how wonderful the meal was and how much he appreciated our kindness.  The last thing he said was, "Tonight, I'm not going to bed hungry." Next: A very rotund dinner guest pointed to his belly and said smiling, "You're responsible for this."

And finally, really, view the attached picture for the delight in Joe's face! I'll slap ya if you say a thing about my huge mouth.  I've already thought of all the joke possibilities!

Love ya all,


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