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March 24, 2010

Dear Friends:

“This is the bread of affliction which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. All who are hungry – let them come and eat and all who are in need come and celebrate the Passover.” The Passover Haggadah

Our challenge this Passover, as every year, is to feel and know the Exodus, to open the gates of time and become one with those who crossed the Red Sea from slavery to freedom, and to see all those in every place who have yet to make the crossing by reaching out our hands to them. Once, it was done by miracles; today, it is by defiance and devotion. Thank you for making OOTC a ritual and responsibility worthy of reliving every year.

Our unflappable, yet hilarious volunteer co-ordinators, Joanne and Lila, are given the highest praise for their marvelous formation of an inspiring workforce. We hope you can all attend the Volunteer Appreciation Night dinner, Wed. April 7. RSVP’s are due today. Call the office at 308-8447. Vegetarian kosher meals are available by request.

“Happiness is…joy digesting!”

The dinner last night was superb and greatly appreciated. Pea soup, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, roasted potatoes, vegetables, salad, fruit and ice cream sandwiches were enjoyed by 132 guests. One man asked last night, “What house of worship do you belong to?”  I asked the reason why he inquired. He answered, “Your members treat us nicer than if we had paid for our meal. I want to know your ways.” Another kind man, while looking around the dining room, said that, without our program, he would be okay; however, many others would be destitute. Another said, “Christmas, all over again!”

Thanks again for putting in the effort and doing your best to help others. Sometimes people don’t want to be helped. Sometimes we don’t have the tools to complete the job. But that‘s not our worry. We need to take the time to try, to care and to do our best.  It’s the effort that makes the difference to those who suffer in the plague of darkness-isolation, illness, and hunger.
Wishing you Chag Sameach, Happy Passover and Easter!

See you all in the fall,


PS  A beautiful women’s Danier brown leather jacket with paisley lining was left in the volunteer room a week ago. It’s not my size, so please claim it and I’ll deliver it ASAP.


Thanks for including me - I really enjoyed being part of the team.  Let me know if next year you can pencil me in full time instead of just two weeks a month.  Mark

Good afternoon Cindy!Dinner Tuesday night looked fabulous; wish there were some leftovers to take-out. Interesting that the gentleman you mentioned in your comments below assumed that we were linked to a house of worship" and not just nice people.  I do consider volunteering to be an extension of my worship to God and trust that He too is as pleased. Julia

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