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February 17, 2010

2010 Olympics Edition

Conditions were excellent!  Perfect temperatures even for an indoor venue. You dodged every chair available in the church with such precise execution. There was fair play in the hall with the understanding that no one would get seconds until all were served firsts. And the culinary award went to Jill and Andrea for their “Breakfast of Champions Chicken.” It is dipped in egg, then crushed cornflakes, baked skin side down, then turned over and drizzled with a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, curry powder, paprika, salt, then baked some more.  (Complete recipe in Second Helpings; my family’s favourite Shabbat chicken.)  The entire meal was wiped out by 123 cheering fans, totally sold out; 18 slept over.

With so much to wash, the men by the sinks owned the podium. Jon, Mike, Philip, Howard - heads down, breathing hard, sweat, a team creating a majestic updraft for others! How do they have the stamina to do it, given the pressure from the drying staff?  Plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs are passed with more fluidity than a baton.

The curlers swept the floors “hurry hard.” May I invite you to my place after the Games? A huge cheer went out when Howard received a call declaring a Canadian Gold Medal win in Women’s snowboard cross from some place called Vancouver.

An OOTC record was set Tuesday night!  We completed our course by 6:21:24 pm. There were minor setbacks (ran out of soup), botched the landing of a few dishes, not getting the results we’ve expected with the growing numbers of overnight guests, but still we should be very happy with our performance!

Your award ceremony to collect well deserved Gold medals will be Wednesday, April 7 at the OOTC Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Don’t plan on being anywhere else!

What a team! See you at our next event,



I so enjoy reading your emails Cindy.  Thank you for the entertainment, enlightenment, encouragement, inspiring and heart-warming.  I pray that you have an awe-inspiring day! Julia

Well done Cindy. I feel as though you are next to me at the events. LOL.Shirley

Dearest Cindy, Who knew your Judaic wisdom could be equalled by your sporting metaphor?Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful and creative observations of the work we all love to do, made more joyful through your leadership and kindness. Fondest regards from an appreciative out-fielder, Norma

You deserve a gold medal for what you do. Not only are you fantastic in the way you organise and run the programme,  your weekly reports are worth waiting for. This time we think you set a record and raised the bar heigher than ever before. Bless you, Arlene and Ken

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