Friday, 13 January 2017

November 1, 2016

Hi Cooks!

What an opening!  Guests: 95  Chicken: 8 (pieces left)

Must tell you because it just doesn't seem right to receive all the words of appreciation, the smiles, the sense of relief, the reunions, the satisfying flavours and service.

Even with plugged main sinks, you rocked! Sometime before next week, I'm going to label the shelves on Rocky, the rolling shelving unit, so we're better organized on Week Two.  If you have any recipes you'd like to share, please send or bring next week for discussion. We've never voted in recipes before but maybe I'm too wrapped up with an upcoming election in the South.

A suggestion or two:  First to arrive, wipe down the surfaces as we did today. Someone can step up to turn on the fan and ovens. We do this already, but for the newcomers to our team, take at least two trollies into the pantry area to retrieve and place in their special spots: cuisinart, soup base, detergent, spray bottle & glove box and sponge/scrubber red bin, etc. To the stage: Salt & Pepper, Sugar box, spoons, forks, knives. When we help unload the shopper's and my cars, please place the items in their intended places. ie: fruit goes on the stage; milk, margarine, etc in the fridge; juice on the microwave counter. When Rocky arrives, unload containers onto the table by the kitchen door. ex: knives, tongs, misc container, long spoons, etc. Their lids can come off and be placed underneath their containers. This way there will be less chance of contamination and keeps the island clear of clutter for prep.

Any other ideas?  Are you satisfied with tuna, bread and salad every week, year in, year out? I'll grab some garbanzos

Thanks everyone. Really, tonight was magic. You were the spark!


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