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December 11, 2012

Chanukkah Sumach!

Just have to update you on our dinner last night and give you an incentive to come out as part of our evening team if you volunteer earlier in the day.

Ralph Orman returned with his wife Bev to see how his soup is served and received.  Of course, he stood at the front of the room for a round of applause!! and then we set them to work!

As the guests streamed in at 4 pm and kept coming and coming, I ran to the freezer and pulled out a double layered tray of cooked roasted chicken and set to defrosting it because I just knew that the 60 or so pounds of brisket was not going to be enough.

EVERY guest was fed.  There was enough curried butternut squash and apple soup, latkes with applesauce, tossed salad, bean salad, brisket and chicken, home baked cookies, clementines, holiday warmth and goodness for all ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY.

Candles were lit, blessings were sung and guests were overjoyed and overfed.
If 2000 years ago, there was the miracle of oil, last night there was the miracle of meat at OOTC.

Thanks to all of you.  



Well Done Cindy and to your great team.regards   barbara

WOW Cindy 160 knew we had a lot but never thought we had quite that many you are doing an amazing job !!!!

Dear Cindy, Thank you for the brought tears to my eyes to think of how happy you and your crew made our guests and how happy the volunteers were to do it.
I am practically drooling on Janice's desk as I read the menu!

Whew!!!!!!! Miracle indeed! miriam

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