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February 12, 2008

Dear Volunteers:

Well, maybe it was beginner's luck, but one guest announced that our new soup last night, deserved to be offered at a 5 STAR restaurant!  The pureed sweet potato and lima bean soup was presented sans garni (unless you count the ever present smile which accompanies everything we do!)  Yasher Koach to Cindy Mark for sharing the healthy recipe and to all of the cooks who put it all together.

Along with the soup, our guests enjoyed Chicken d'Amore (made with marmalade) and Chinese Fried Rice with Mushrooms, "Gently" Tossed Salad with Water Chestnuts in a Balsamic dressing by Susan Walman, Bananas and delicious Fluorescent Pink cupcakes graciously donated by Gail and Fred Wilkinson.  What a hit; nothing was left.  Funny thing, when our security man, Mike told us that Monday's group had also served chicken and rice the night before, I thought we would hear disappointment from our guests.  But not one word was mentioned.  Only words of thanks and sighs of contentment.

Thirty-one guests slept over last night.  Not Jack. He's been sleeping in the kiosk of an ATM, so he said at dinner.  Not Colleen.  She's taking care of her sick mother in the east end.  George was there, but said we might not see him for a while because he had a court appearance today.  He asked for a pair of underwear in case he had to go to jail; I gave him two.

On Saturday, March 15th, Out of the Cold will be sponsoring the Kiddush, a light lunch, after Shabbat morning services at Beth Jacob Synagogue.  More details to follow, but if you know that you will be attending, please rsvp to me or Joanne Anderson.  It's just our habit at OOTC that we would never want to run out of food!!!!  Please pass this on to people for whom we may not have e-mail addresses.

Have a great week,


Although Jews technically do not share in the holiday of Saint Valentines Day, Judaism teaches that love is making a space within yourself for another and giving of yourself to that other. Only when two people give to each other and help each other within a relationship of mutual respect and inclusiveness can they experience the power and miracle of true love.

The Jewish idea is that giving is what leads to love. When I give to you, I have invested a part of myself. You then become more precious to me.

During our prayer with our guests before dinner,  I ask G-d to bless all those assembled, guests and volunteers, our friends, family, whom we love and who love us wherever they may be. People associated with HOOTC have already resolved in their mind, and heart, that helping others, giving of themselves, will be part of their life's philosophy.  That is a giant gesture and leap of love. And, as we gather every week, each of us different, yet sharing a common bond, giving warmth and receiving warmth, we are forming bonds and inspiring a type of love.

For anything steamier, you’ll have to turn to Solomon’s Song of Songs.

Lots of Love,



Cindy, As always, we appreciate this thoughtful synopsis of Tuesday night Out of the Cold.  Your letters help "tie the room together" by letting everyone know some of the details we might otherwise not know.  The meal did look marvellous, and I appreciate knowing who was responsible for new recipes. Thank you for letting us know how many guests slept over.  We underestimated by ten, but it is good to know they were all accommodated on such a cold night. Have a good week.  Enjoy our new "Family Day" holiday on Monday, and see you at "Extended Family Day" on Tuesday.


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