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January 27, 2014

Dear Volunteers,

As always we appreciate your commitment to guests at Out of the Cold, especially as this winter has been so demanding.

While the evening goes smoothly and guests always comment on the quality of the food and service, we are finding the final clean up stage to becoming a bit onerous for the few remaining volunteers.

We are writing to request that if your "shift" starts at 5:00, please arrange your schedule to be able to remain until the final work is done.  While it can appear that there is not much left to do at 6:15, there remains the oven to be cleaned and disinfected, garbage, recycling, "schlepping" of left-overs and laundry to Cindy's car and lock up procedures.

By offering some extra moments, we can target a departure time of 6:30-6:45.

Here are a few updates for your calendar.

There will be NO OOTC at MacNab on Tues. Feb. 18 since the church has another event that evening.  

The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be Wed. April 30.  Share our success with a couple of hundred other amazing people!

After a lot of reflection, interviewing and discussion, our Board has been busy formulating an OOTC strategic plan to make sure that our greatest efforts and ingenuity are directed toward what is wrong or incomplete in the world.  Will keep you posted.

You're already so cool, but stay warm too.

Norma & Cindy

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