Thursday, 12 January 2017

January 21, 2009

(Day after Inauguration of Barack Obama)

Hail to the CHEF!          

MMMMMMMMinestrone soup, MMMMMMeatballs with a mushroom/tomato sauce, Pasta, Caesar salad, vegetables, bananas.  Our administration has huge expectations, and brings hope to many. This is what is possible with hard work and determination. Our goal is to obliterate “differences” – to achieve good things for everyone, no matter their colour, race, or religion.

The mood was very optimistic and energized.  The piano had an excellent workout!  One gentleman entertained and engaged guests and volunteers with contemporary classics and soon was surrounded by fans. Then Joe took the stage with classical! Watching everyone evoking responses to the show draws a direct correlation between  music and the cognitively impaired, disabled, elderly and depressed. “Music serves as a means of communication for those where the function of language has become challenging or lost. It helps us comprehend the underlying theoretical and observed workings of music, and determines the physiological, neurological and psychological processes that govern the appreciation and the need for music.”  Dr. Michael Gordon    It is a need for the one playing and ones listening. What wonderful therapy.  (Eugene even grabbed me for a dance sans Ball Gown.)

Quotes from dinner guests:  “I ate seven meatballs. I don’t know WHERE I put them,” and “The soup was perfect. I would never add salt or pepper, because that is the way the chef meant it to be served.”
May G-d’s blessings shower upon our neighbours and bestow upon each of us a bright future.


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