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December 7, 2013

Hello Again!

Hot off the cyber-presses, is the Out of the Cold Newsletter.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy and pat yourselves on the back!


The season wouldn't be as special without the continued opportunity to ensure the brightest Christmas morning for our adoptive family,  Jean and her grandsons Jayson, 12 and Nicholas, 8.  The boys are very innocent with learning delays. Both are looking forward to Santa's visit.

With hesitation and selflessness, Jean provided a list last night:

Jayson: fish tank starter with filter/pump, a lava lamp, a t.v. (they don't have cable, but watch dvd's), school clothes like hoodies, jeans size 10 or 12, stocking stuffers

Nicholas:  LEGO, DS1, hoodies, jeans, size 8, stocking stuffers

Jean: perfume called Beautiful, bus tickets, grocery or drugstore gift cards, a queen bed-in-a-bag for herself. I know her favourite colour is purple, nailpolish, makeup.  Her size is XL.    Last year, Jean was slim. Thank God, cancer treatments have ended, but steroids have plumped her up.

Any and all help would be wonderful.  I must deliver everything by next Thursday.

Shabbat Shalom,


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