Friday, 13 January 2017

February 25, 2009

Hello Chevre (Friends):

* A good friend is a tower of strength; to find one is to find a treasure. Eccliesiasticus 6:14

* It's good to eat with a friend, but not from one plate.  

* Friendship: one heart in two bodies.    Ibn Zabara

Our friends, volunteers and guests alike, responded to our situation  last week with displeasure and bewilderment. It's behind us now;  the lesson is learned. Hopefully we won't get tired of all the reminders regarding safety and attention to our surroundings which our co-ordinator and volunteer co-ordinators will be pointing out periodically.

What a yummy dinner last night!  Chicken soup with vegetables and chicken, italian flavoured chicken, asparagus (a freebie and very special treat from the Hamilton Golf and Country Club), salad, rice and bananas and apples.  Praise goes to the kitchen specialists, particularly best friends and once a month co-chefs, Andrea (who does everything fast, fast, fast) and Jill (who claims not to touch chicken, but trimmed, seasoned and shmeared it anyway.) Diners loved it and there wasn't an ounce of the 118 lbs of poultry left anywhere!  Dinner guests numbered 125 and 18 slept over.

As we start to wind down our program, please plan on attending the HOOTC Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 2nd. More information to follow.

Finally, two more quotes from Leo Rosten's Treasury of Jewish Quotations!

* He who deceives me lets shame fall upon him; if he deceives me twice, let shame fall on me.
* If your enemy is hungry, give him bread; if he is thirsty, give him water.  Proverbs, 25:21

In friendship, see you next week,


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