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January 29, 2008

Hi Everyone:

Sure hope that you weren’t carried away by the WIND today!

Our numbers for dinner last night were just shy of 100 due to the arrival of the welfare cheques.  Monday's OOTC at JSB saw 120.  What does the cheque arrival mean to the psyche and pockets of our needy?

Or ... did the Soup Fest at Liuna Station yesterday "draw" our guests with their cheques?  I can tell you who had the best soup on Jan. 29/08 though.  OOTC at contest, spoons down!  Louise Algranti and Debbie Strub really know red lentils, Turkish style with cumin.  Our guest, Ralph, said, "The soup was a little taste of Heaven."  And then, he apologized for not staying for the exquisite chicken with mushroom sauce & rice entree.  After 3 bowls of heavenly soup, he was full.  It also speaks volumes about our guests. Some do leave after soup because they have smaller appetites, don't want to waste food, make room for another guest who otherwise may be told to go to Centenary Church, our overflow.

Our hospitality is evident in other ways beyond what one might imagine.  Just before noon yesterday, the JSB janitor let us know that a man was sleeping on the floor next to the sanctuary doors, very top floor.  We woke him gently.  What's your name?  Jimmy. When did you come in last night?  Don't remember.  Did you not get much sleep?  No, too noisy, and the smells ....  We kindly asked him to leave and to please not hide in the church in the future. Next example.  Our security man, Mike, saw a woman doing take-out during dinner, if you know what I mean?  He gently reminded her that food, especially food that can spoil, cannot be taken out of the program.  She was allowed to leave with the food.  But, it happens all of the time.  I'm sure only the most desperate need to do so, bringing containers with them and feeling guilty and ashamed when they are spoken to.  I was so proud of the way Mike handled the situation with our guest who is "a regular" and I hope that she'll come back to us.

And I hope that you'll come back to us too!  Have a good week.


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