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March 25, 2011

Dear Friends,

After many months of construction, Beth Jacob Synagogue officially rededicated its accessible and beautiful new space which includes a bright and inviting foyer, a spiritually uplifting chapel surrounded by Jerusalem stone and a dedication wall which recognizes the scores of people who felt moved to make the changes take place. The size of their gifts to this end mattered less than their effort.

In the centre of the donor wall a quote from Exodus 25:8 reads: “And let them make Me a Sanctuary that I may dwell among them.”   God does not dwell “in it,” rather God dwells “among us.” God rests among us when we work together on a sacred project.  Every OOTC Tuesday, we build a sanctuary, and God can be heard from the lips of every guest’s “Amen,” smelled and tasted from every cook’s pinch of seasoning, seen from every server’s smile.

We have done what we do best – feeding the body and hopefully providing nourishment and healing for the soul through acts of caring.  Every one of you, again under the leadership of Joanne and Lila, have provided for 2,704 guests, 364 more than last year.

I’m hoping that you can attend the Volunteer Appreciation Night dinner, Wed. April 13. Please RSVP to the OOTC office at 308-8447. Vegetarian kosher meals are available by request.  Our turn to do the clean up, so if you can stay a little at the end just as you have done for other groups, there will be lots of help.

The insights and feelings of our guests have been heard by many of you and that is why you come back year after year to OOTC where passive indifference is not tolerated, where the needs of all, especially the less fortunate, are tended to. One volunteer serving a dinner to a man said that he looked at the plate that had been given to him, then he looked up to God and said, “This is my lucky day.”  Another British well dressed lady quietly approached me to say that our program had sustained her through the winter; she would not have made it without us.

“Revelation is the human discovery of the values and ideals that this community determined were indispensable for living in the presence of God.” (Mordecai Kaplan)

Knowing all of you, your time away from OOTC, will be marked with acts of holiness, kindness and justice in a sanctuary of your own making. May God dwell among you.



Happy birthday to you, Behrad

Amen! And may God's richest blessings attend you and all your OOTC staff , guests, contributors and volunteers and grant joy and peace in your rededication and celebrations.
Pastor George and Sybil Horton.

thank you for organizing and doing all the little extras you do. It is a joy working for you and helping those in need of a really good meal.  see you next november if not sooner.  Lorraine

Dear Cindy:

You've done it again! Not only a wonderful year of offering respect and affection as well as gourmet, varied meals, but inspiration to the volunteers (who clearly like to come as much as the guests, a real tribute to your graciousness) but you even manage to send us a heartening inspirational---and poetic report. Many thanks       Ahuva.

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