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February 11, 2009


Yesterday, did we bite off more than we could chew?

Thank you to everyone who could stay longer and work harder yesterday to get the job done! Let me explain. We were going to serve, Memories of January freezer soups, but on Monday, Louise, our chef, and I went to the Ont. Food Terminal for our monthly donation of hundreds of dollars worth of amazing produce from an old neighbour of a friend of one of our volunteers!  Got that? I’m not sure what religion Mr. Hughes practices, but he certainly believes that food should be shared with the needy.  Afterwards, Louise and I were walking past another wholesaler’s window when she spotted six cases of large, ripe plum tomatoes which she was sure they would give to us. We were told to speak to Mr. Goldfarb upstairs. We introduced ourselves from Beth Jacob Synagogue’s OOTC in Hamilton, and told him that his tomatoes would need to come with us!  He agreed. So, the soup yesterday was pureed tomato with cream. YUM. The tossed salad had tomatoes in it, the freezer has bags of tomatoes too!  and by the end of the cooking session, we all looked as though we had been in the tomatina fight in Bunol, Spain!!

We also brought back 100 baking potatoes which Linda scrubbed in a tiny sink somewhere. Harder than selling shoes, Linda? If it makes you feel like your manicure was well-spent, a guest who comes from PEI said that he traded a piece of chicken for another potato! The rest of the meal was barbq chicken, broccoli, salad, and bananas. The barbq sauce was donated by Louise, which was given to her with a new barbq last summer.  The only thing we paid for was the chicken!  One hundred and thirty-two dined on what another guest called a contemporary Canadian summer dinner! Twenty-eight guests slept over.

By the way, around 10:00 am Tuesday, a man from the Olive Branch ministries called to ask if we could use cases of sliced lunch meat, and he delivered it all too!

To top off the 10 degree-sunny-finally-clear-sidewalk day, it was Ahuva’s birthday yesterday. She is 88 years young and still chose to be with OOTC for 4 hours in the  afternoon, buttering buns and bread, drying dishes, etc. Everyone loves to chat with Ahuva about books, theology, travel, family, the old days! She is proof that learning never ends. Nonnay, her daughter visiting from Massachusetts was indispensible, chopping cases of broccoli, pineapple and tomatoes and serving soup. Ahuva is off to her son’s family in Hawaii for a month of well deserved vacation. Tzeit chem b’shalom. Travel in peace and safety!

When I read a D’var Torah on  Monday written by Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz,(who used to serve dinner at OOTC years ago before he moved to New York,) his message had even more meaning when I evaluated our program this week.  “How we interact with people must not be colored by gender, socioeconomic status, race, or ethnic background.  Rather, our relationship with others should be founded on the values they embrace and the life they live.” …..” Jethro and Moses represent people who must walk their own paths. There are moments, however, when those journeys intersect. Rather than see those points of connection as a source of contention, our parashah offers that they can be times of blessing, benefit and bounty.”

See you after Family Day!

To read Rabbi Z’s insightful and complete 10 Minutes of Torah, Yitro,  see attached.
Thanks to modern technology.  Now I can be in spirit with those on the job.  Its a great privilege for me to serve in that capacity.  Thank God for choosing you to willingly and faithfully lead us as God directs you.  I've printed the attachment which I will read later.


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