Friday, 13 January 2017

January 4, 2017

Hello dear cooks!

Wonderful to report that yesterday Shirley moved to Shalom Village Convalescence Care to recuperate from her surgery. Moving around with ease, including cutting vegetables for large dinner soirees, is difficult. However, physio starts tomorrow morning and will continue every weekday morning. Her spirits are very high and she's ready to work hard. Refuah shleimah, Shirley!

Not to be outdone in the 'strength and determination' department, at lunch yesterday, the cooks convincingly put forward a request for a new food processor. Joanne will speak with Susan who may know the best product at the best price. The cooks also requested that I spread the word that anyone wishing to make any contribution, Joanne will collect and if there's a shortage, there will not be a problem covering it from our OOTC funds.

So, due to the above exhibitions of gratitude, generosity and effort, I was reminded of this great d'var by Rabbi Wolpe. Hope you like it! Stay warm and see you next Tuesday.


Why Me? 
A psychiatrist received the following postcard from a vacationing former patient: "Having a wonderful time. Why?" It is a good question. I have often observed that people come to my office when bad things happen and wonder why God permitted this difficulty in their lives. But far less often do I hear, "You know, I was born to loving parents in the richest country in the world. Why me?"  It is natural to assume that we deserve all the blessings given to us but the trials and tragedies are undeserved. Yet so much of our good fortune is in fact unearned. If you have a functioning brain, it is a gift. If you were born into a loving family, it is a gift. If you have never gone hungry, been caught in a natural disaster, on and on — you have been extravagantly blessed. Surely that merits wondering why?  It merits something else as well, gratitude and a sense of responsibility. We should not feel guilty for good fortune, but we should be grateful and try to spread it to others. The answer to blessing is prayer and tzedakah. If we practice both, that may be the answer to the question, why me? 

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